• If you were a young man and wanted to fly combat missions in WWII, chances were good that, after being accepted into flight training as a cadet, you would receive your first flight instruction in a Boeing Stearman primary training aircraft.
  • It is estimated that the famous Boeing Stearman was responsible for the initial flight training of 73 percent of all American pilots who flew in WWII. British and Canadian pilot were trained in the type as well.
  • Few airplanes deserve the label of “legendary”, but the Boeing Stearman is certainly deserving of this honor.
  • The famous Stearman primary flight training biplane was manufactured by the Boeing Airplane Company in Wichita, Kansas from 1936-1945. Some 8,500 aircraft were completed, along with another 2000 equivalent aircraft in spare parts for both the Army Air Corps and Navy.
  • Each Cadet would receive 65 hours of dual and solo instruction in only 10 weeks at one of the many training bases scattered across the United States. The Boeing "Kaydet" was the Army Air Corps trainer while the Navy called the airplane the "Yellow Peril" due to its inherent nasty ground handling characteristics. Whatever it was called, the Stearman certainly produced some great pilots.
  • After WWII, Stearmans were sold off at surplus. With their flying characteristics, they made wonderful crop dusters (unlike the New Standard). At $300 per plane, one could start their own business in a matter of weeks.
  • Our 1942 Navy Stearman entered Waldo's life in 1972, and has dutifully flown strong ever since. This is what it looked like from 1992-2006.
  • In 2008, Waldo gave her a nice little face lift. He also added a smoke system and cameras to the plane to enhance the guest experience!
  • With a little help from Waldo, YOU take the controls and fly this beauty!
  • There is nothing greater than the satisfaction of conquering something you never thought you would be able to manage.

Waldo's Stearman

Available at Florida and Michigan locations.

Boeing Stearman PT-17/N2S-3

To watch our 1942 Stearman restoration visit: http://www.stoinoff.com/lock_stearman

$229.00 plus tax and fuel surcharge- 30 minute hands-on flight, NO aerobatics
Reservations requested.

Now is your chance to fly the legendary Boeing Stearman.  Our aircraft is a stock 1942 Boeing Stearman and other than a few modifications for an increased level of safety, it is exactly what our heros flew in WWII.  Waldo will take the guest through the first 6-8 missions as established by the instructors who taught cadets to fly in these amazing aircraft.  How do we know?  Our flight program was developed by Lon Cooper, a flight instructor with the Lodwick School ofAeronautics in Lakeland, FL, from 1941-1945.  With dual controls and a modern intercom system, the guest will have no problem entering basic training in this beautifully restored plane.  Video recordings of the flight are available for an extra $50, and look like this (click link for video.)****Full audio is recorded on all flights-some youtube users choose to mute the sound experience.****


Height and Weight Restrictions: Guests must be at least 10 years old AND over 5 feet tall, and not weigh more than 275 lbs.  

Effective March 1, 2011, there is a $10 per ticket fuel surcharge added to the price as well as any applicable taxes.