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Thank you for visiting our site for ride information!  We have temporarily converted our services to a full time restoration shop in Florida with an estimated reopening date for flight operations in all locations some time in 2026. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Our flying adventures make wonderful gifts. You can order your gift certificate by emailing us on our website on the Contact Us page, or calling 863-873-1339 . The certificates are mailed directly to the address requested, and are available year round for purchase. Gift certificates do not expire.
What should I wear for the flight?
Flying in an open biplane is a lot like riding in a convertible. We provide flying helmets and goggles to protect you from the wind but you can expect it to be about 3-7 degrees cooler during your flight than it is on the ground. If you are going to fly the Stearman dress in comfortable clothes (as you will have to climb in and out of the cockpit) and soft soled shoes are recommended. Ladies no heels please.
Are we allowed to bring a camera and take pictures?
Of course, just make sure it has a strap. We do recommend that camera bags and anything loose not be carried on board and we provide storage bins for our passengers prior to their flight.
Is it safe?
We love what we do and the only way we can continue to have the best job in the world is to make safety our number one priority. All our pilots hold either FAA Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and have extensive training with decades of experience as owner/operators of their aircraft. What is just as important as flight experience is our pilots’ passion for biplanes and the history they represent. We get to share the thrill of open cockpit flight everyday with our customers, and that is truly a dream come true. As you will see, our airplanes are beautifully restored and impeccably maintained. Our own FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic meticulously maintains all of our aircraft daily. All planes have regular 25 hour, 50 hour, and 100 hour inspections as required. It is important to note that the maintenance and inspection of the airplanes is conducted by a person who knows them well. We try to make this as safe as possible but flying has some risk associated with it, though we think it’s worth it.
Can physically challenged people fly with you?
We will do our best to get anyone in the aircraft if we possibly can. In the biplanes you'll need to be able to get up on a wing that's about two feet above the ground and then into the cockpit. We can help you some but we can’t do it all. It is best to call and tell us your situation and we will do whatever we can to help.
What if the weather is bad?
There are certain weather conditions we cannot fly in, but in Florida the weather is always changing. As a guideline, if it is raining, or if the winds exceed 25mph, flights will be cancelled under those conditions. Give us a call just before you leave the house or hotel to confirm your flight.