• In 1928, The New Standard Aircraft Company was established in Paterson, New Jersey by famed barnstormer Ivan Gates of the Gates Flying Circus, and well known aircraft designer Charles Day.
  • The purpose of the joint venture was to design, build and market a biplane that could take aloft 4 paying passengers instead of the usual 1 or 2. The D-25 was born out of this need and was certificated by the Aeronautics Department (now FAA) in 1928.
  • Unfortunately, the days of the flying circus were numbered. While a few found work with the military or other service organizations, most of the New Standards manufactured became booze smugglers during prohibition and ultimately crop dusters where most of them met their fate. Because of this hard life, there are only a handful that remain out of 62 originally built, and only 7 examples are currently flying today.
  • Our first airplane, NC9756 serial number 105, was the 5th airplane constructed by the Gates/Day Aircraft Corporation in Paterson, New Jersey in March 1929, making it the oldest active airplane of this type in existence.
  • Initially a D-24 powered by a 180 horsepower Hispano Suiza (Hisso) water-cooled engine, NC9756 was converted by the factory to the more reliable Wright J-5 radial engine. The engine change prompted a new designation to the model D-25. Ivan Gates was soon to leave the business and the name was changed to the New Standard Aircraft Corporation. Our airplane has the 235 horsepower Wright model J-6-7 (R-760-8) engine replacing the original 220 horsepower Wright J-5.
  • Waldo Wright's "Newest" New Standard; our second restoration, NC 9125, was manufactured and delivered in January of 1931 and was factory offered with the latest improvement in powerplant technology...a new Wright Whirlwind J6-7 developing 225 HP. These new models were designated the D-25-A and although they offered a little more in performance and reliability than the old J-5 powered New Standards, only 5 examples were manufactured and our aircraft was the last to be completed.
  • Our aircraft originally left the factory registered NC150M. In fact the original bill of sale was from the New Standard Aircraft Corporation -- In Receivership! It led a very interesting, if not comical, existence. The first several owners used the aircraft for the purpose for which it was designed; to haul passengers at fairs and local air shows. However, research in the FAA records shows that in August of 1933, NC150M was caught smuggling in booze from Canada during prohibition and was seized by the FBI. There is a full and detailed police report that lists the pilot, ground crew and contents of the airplane. It is amazing how many cases of Vermouth, Vodka, Scotch, Cointreau, and Rum one can squeeze into the front cockpit of a New Standard!
  • Our New Standard was soon auctioned off by the federal government and purchased by Oscar Nichols of Newark, Ohio for $1850.00. Mr. Nichols operated the New Standard along with his Ford Tri-motor and barnstormed the mid-west for several years.
  • Since both aircraft were restored in 2001, Waldo has shared his love of barnstorming with over 50,000 people from all over the world!
  • With the 4 passenger configuration, families can ride together and share the beauty of the open cockpit!
  • Multiple generations create lifelong memories!
  • Friends return time and time again to introduce the open cockpit to more friends and family!
  • Four adults fit comfortably. What better outing than a biplane ride?
  • The 4 passenger cockpit is just waiting for you and your friends and family!
  • We even supply your equipment for that true Barnstorming experience!

Waldo's New Standard

Currently available at Michigan location only.

$69.95 per person plus tax and fuel surcharge- 15 minute flight experience
Reservations accepted for 2 or more passengers. NO aerobatics.


To view a video of the flight, click HERE.

Carrying up to 4 passengers in a large front open cockpit, the New Standard D-25 was instrumental in introducing hundreds of thousands of people to their first airplane ride, back when aviation was in its infancy.

We supply the helmets, goggles, and scarves; you get to have all the fun! Maneuvers include lazy-eights, steep and shallow 360 degree turns, and maybe even a few "whoopty-dos."

Flights in the New Standard D-25 last 15-18 minutes, and take guests on a ride where they can experience the sensations of flight in the open cockpit. See, smell, feel, and hear the experience for yourself from our front cockpit! A minimum of two guests must be in the aircraft for it to leave the ground, and a maximum of 4 guests can be accommodated on each flight. 

Height and Weight Restrictions:  Guests all all ages and heights are encouraged to fly, but must be no more than 275 lbs.

Effective April 1, 2012, there is also a $6 per ticket fuel surcharge added to the ticket price as well as any applicable taxes.