Tour Dates

 Summer of 2019  TOUR DATES
  (During these events, Air Zoo operations will be unavailable.)


August 10, 2019.......Gratiot Community Airport......Alma, MI 10am-4pm

August 11, 2019.......Oakland County Community Airport Aviation Day......Waterford, MI--8am-dusk

August 17, 2019.......Jewett Field......Mason, MI--8am-dusk

September 21, 2019.......Dowagiac Municipal Airport.......Dowagiac, MI--8am-1pm


 October 1-9, 2019 

(Stearman ONLY)
10am-5pm daily.....Aviation Museum of Kentucky.....Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, KY

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I've just got to my hotelroom after an superawesome flying experience at Fantasy of Flight. The flight in the Stearman was like a dream come true, the wind, the enigine noise and views were spectacular. I want to thank you, and espacially Sarah, for the hands on flight I've had!! Everyone in the Netherlands will have to hear and see my adventure. Maybe after all I will go enroll for flight lessons. Thanks again, I wish you all the very best of luck!!

- Martijn Riepe

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